Monday, March 15, 2010


I do not like to admit it but I have very little patience when it comes to certain is a biggie! Please have patience with me as I try to edit some of the recent posts that are not showing up properly. Check back soon to see highlights from those sessions! Hopefully it will not be too long! Thanks for visiting! In the meantime, please check out some of the archived posts to the right!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I LOVE these pics! Cassie was so extremely easy to photograph. She was so natural & had a great smile! We went to some fun locations in town & got creative with places that might look run down to others. Her photos will be completely unique because some of her backgrounds are no longer there. I love using what is available at the time & seeing past what most people might see when they pass by a location. This is the fun part of my job. Along with pretty much everything else:) I had a difficult time narrowing Cassie's photos down, so there are a ton of proofs in this collection...


My posts lately have been completely out of order, but I have just decided that it is OK! I have so many things that I am responsible for that I need to be a little more relaxed, so I'm just going to be alright with this portion of my life that is completely unorganized. So I apologize to any of you that should have seen your post a long, long, long time ago - but here they are. That leads me to Jerrica. I've known Jerrica since she was a little kid. It's hard for me to believe that she is a senior! We did some head shots for the yearbook this fall & I'm looking forward to shooting some more poses for her this spring!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miller Family

I love this family! The one thing that I am enjoying most about this new venture is re-connecting with faces from the past. It is so nice to see people that you grew up with, all grown up & married with a beautiful family! Logan was precious & we played tag! I think I made a new friend (my other favorite thing about this new venture). And little Ashlyn is tiny, but she acted like she knew what was going on & just posed. Too cute. Grins all around! It was a fun time! Thanks Cindy & Devin - you have a wonderful family!

Ellie & Lilah

How adorable are these two! These little girls belong to a friend of my sister's & are friends with her little girls. They had a fun time playing together this day, so much that Miss Ellie was a bit timid in the beginning. She really just wanted to play. Can I blame her? No - Gertie & Syd are fun, I know. But she warmed up after awhile and began to giggle for me. I love the cover shot! Little Lilah was easy...she just smiles at Mom all the time. Just a few weeks from my Sophie in age, they had fun playing too! Or, riding in the wagon anyway. Enjoy!

Woodard Grandchildren

Count them - NINE kids! You would think it would be difficult to get that many kids to look at you at the same time, but the only difficult thing was wrangling Charlie, and I wasn't really even the one doing that:) Love the one-year-olds that don't stand still for long! This was fun because it was supposed to be a surprise for Grandma for Christmas, only Grandma just happened to stop by that day for a visit. She knew immediately what was going on & she was thrilled! Also - loved the location of this session! There were endless possibilities for fabulous backgrounds! I may be calling in the future Martha! Thanks to all for allowing me to photograph your family. See the entire album below. And, note the new way I'm posting - you should be viewing all proofs, and some of the funny/crazy ones are included. I know there are a LOT, but I left those in there for them to see! Enjoy!

Baby Harley

I am so blessed! For many reasons, but on this evening in particular, to have had the opportunity to photograph this precious new little one! What an adorable family! Almost makes me want another one already. I did say almost! Click below to see Harley's entire album. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!